Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glitz&Glamour Ball 2010: Viva Las Vegas - Official Hard Launch

Hi guys! Glitz and Glamour Ball 2010 is happening in 10 days time, are you EXCITED?

As you may wondering why are we having another launch, let me tell you, this is when you can collect your tickets, select your own table and seating, and witness the entire preview of Glitz and Glamour Ball 2010!

Date                             :           22 September 2010, Wednesday
Theme                         :           Viva Las Vegas
Venue                          :           Ground Floor, SEGi College SJ
Time                             :           12 p.m. – 1.30pm

On this official hard launch, you can collect your passes to the ball, choose you own seats and tables, collect your free entry passes to Euphoria by M.O.S for after party, and for the rest, it is for you to be there to see what else are coming your way! 

Be sure to be there to participate in this sizzling and glamorous event! We promise you, you won't be disappointed ;D

Once again, from me
your official guest blogger,
for Glitz and Glamour Ball 2010: Viva Las Vegas.


Alana Brisbane said...

A lot of themes these days are Las Vegas which I find really cool! People get to feel the Vegas fun without the need to go to the place itself. I'm sure others would be doing the same thing too!

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