Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek #1: Guest Performer & Charity Body

Hey guys, have you got your tickets yet? You better be quick because it's selling fast!

The tickets are now selling at RM88/pax (NP:RM95), and RM170/couple. Seriously, what are you still waiting for? Not convincing enough? Just wait till you see more ;)

We promise you live bands and performances to rock your night, and here's sneak peak on one of the guest performer that have always rock the stage throughout their history.

Give it up for, ASK ME AGAIN!

This rock group from Kuala Lumpur consists of Hameer (Vocalist), Shiresh (Guitars), Mike (Guitars), Calvino (Bass) and Shan (Drums). They have performed at a number of events such as Battle of the Bands, Bazooka Series, Monash University Festival etc, and major events like the launch of Burberry’s The Beat perfume release, and Malaysia’s biggest and oldest rock restival “Rock the World 9”. And the best part is, they have just released their first debut mini album titled “A Step Back Forward”, featuring their hit singles “Ayammas” and “Harapan”.
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An amazing rock band with an impressive resume will surely won't disappoint you on your night!

And hey, did you know that part of the amount you pay for your tickets will go to charity? Yes, charity! 

Malaysian Mental Health Association (or better known as MMHA), is targeting to raise over RM100K for extension of their faculty, thus expanding their services and creating a better environment for its psychosocial rehabilitation activities.

This will definitely be another one of your reason why you should go to the ball!

Don't forget, stay tuned for more updates coming your way.

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