Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glitz&Glamour Ball 2010: Viva Las Vegas - Performers for the Night!

Guys, it's only two left! How are your preparations so far? :D

Well, we have introduced Ask Me Again and Wanted Symphony in our sneak peeks. Now, D-day is approaching and we are introducing the rest of the performers for the flashy and glamorous night!

First of all,  a rock and roll band with the motto "One Band, One Sound", give it up for LOVE GUN!

With a band name inspired by a song from the band KISS, this group was formed in early 2009, consisting of Amirul (drummer), Timothy (guitars), Muadz (vocals), Aniq (bass), and Amir (guitars). Passionate about producing high energy rock and roll music, despite all their song choices are covers, these guys are working on their upcoming demo CD that you guys wouldn't want to miss!

A sweet girl next door who loves singing and performing, let's put your hands together for, Tammy!
Started singing at the age of nine and lovin' it ever since, she is just an average 18 year-old engineering student who has a strong passion and love for vocals no matter what she does in life. She loves singing ballads, but is also willing to try out different genres of music.

Who doesn't love rappers? Roy Boi is definitely good at what he's doing, surely won't disappoint you!

Born and raised in the heart of Seremban, this is a proud Eurasion/Indian DJ to rapper who loves music, breakdancing, and fashion. 

Besides that, we also have Black Ribbon performing live on stage.
An acoustic group consists of Mario (vocals & percussion), Dalnor and Terence (guitars), Francis (vocals mostly rapping). They love making songs their style and sound commercial for audiences.

Besides rocking music, we bring you several dance crews that make full use of musics too, and will definitely bring the house down.
Let's make way for, MooVe Crew!
This dance crew was reformed in August this year. Inspired by Jabbawockeez, all three family members have the same passion expressing music through movements. Focusing on hip hop dancing, mainly, freestyle. Their signature is dancing with masks on, proving to the audiences that they could pull it off even without showing facial expressions.

I am sure you have heard of our very own dance crew, yes? That is, a dance crew members of our very own friends and students of SEGi College Subang Jaya! They are known as Roulette Crew, with a promise to rock the floor!
To catch them LIVE performing for YOU on the night, just wait till Friday!

Speaking of our own students, it does ring a bell. No wait, they ARE Ringsabell.
Three wonderful young ladies, Melody, Yi Wei and Quiin Yi, used to dance with Beat Groovers, but decided to form as Ringsabell for the ball. These girls are definitely not the ones to underestimate.

Other than that, we have awards waiting for you! Best Photograph, Mr. & Ms. Best Dressed, Best Dancer, Favorite Performer, and Mr. & Ms Glitz & Glamour.
Exciting enough? Tell you what, more surprises are lining up for you!

Last but not list, we have magicians & dealers ready to make the night over the top. Well, what do you expect? It's the Sin City, and we're doing it the Vegas style!

And we're so ready to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

My, doesn't the poster look awfully similar to that of SMKDJ prom 09' and Subang Rally 10' put together. Not to mention the theme to that of DJ prom's.

Alana Brisbane said...

Woah. The preparations done for this must have been a lot of hard work! Kudos to everyone. I'm sure it was one heck of a gathering.

Sarah Brisbane said...

I'm sure everyone had such a great fun. You guys should also tried using Promotional Clothing during the event so that people would know who the organizers were. Great job!

Shine Graham said...

Think this was a successful event, right? I bet all had so much fun and those at the back door who prepared this must be commended! We loved it over here at Custom SEO Solutions!

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